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Looking for employment

When we created the company, we were aware of the large number of temporary employment agencies that existed, our challenge was to create a different company, where human values stood out, where the treatment was close and pleasant, we wanted to do something different, and we are achieving, we rely on perception when dealing with companies, SMEs and the self-employed, we focus on their needs, looking for the perfect candidate, not only for their work experience, but also for their qualities, abilities and aptitudes at the time of being able to carry out his job. 

Both for the contracting company and for us, the main thing is to create a bond of trust, and send it to the  candidate, that is, to be able to convey to the newly recruited worker that they are in good hands and that we We take care of everything, which is our main objective.

In the job interviews that we carry out, either by phone or on the spot, we try to empathize with the worker, so that they feel as comfortable as possible, because we know that nerves play tricks on us, that's why we created a blog and an employment forum on our website, where both companies and job seekers can interact.

We know that the Internet is the most widely used medium for job search and there are many web pages with job offers available online. but many times they forget that the most fundamental thing, which is the essence of human capital, at GESAD Personal Advisor CETT we deal above all with people and not with numbers.

We love our work, one of our great functions in the company is advising on the search for profiles and talents that delegate to us the process of being able to find the coveted job, where the worker has been aspiring for a long time and has not finished get.

Likewise, we also provide services to individuals, either due to a job change, such as job search, we distance ourselves from a conventional ETT, they can contract the personalized service where we take care of looking for a job according to their profile and needs, personalized advice, email email, CV creation, cover letter, professional profile management via the internet, prior LPD authorization, and you only have to go to the job interview, so you can continue with your daily life, while our team looks for the job so longed for.


Our offices are located in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, in the Grameimpuls business center. "Can Peixauet", in the heart of the city and well connected, do not hesitate to contact our team, it will be a pleasure to assist you.

Maria Aurora Navarro

personal advisor


We provide solutions for different types of labor relationships.

  • Personnel to be hired.

  • Hiring for short and long-term projects.

  • Regular contracts.

Send your application form and CV,
And start your job search today!

Download and complete the following form and send it along with your CV to Once you send it, a person from our team will contact you to move forward with the process.

Testimony. I wanted to make my CV and the truth was that it was difficult, I contacted GESAD, CETT personal advisor and they took care of everything, the service was carried out on schedule, I loved the end result. I am currently working on a new project with great projection.

Javier Maldonado

I was very satisfied with the treatment, orientation and aesthetics of my CV and Cover Letter. The CV worked and I have been working since March in a new company and with a new position, I am also currently studying a Master.

Camila Benavidez

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