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We position hundreds of employees every month!

Are you looking for a job or are you hiring? Do not miss any job opportunities, job seekers, collaborations with ETT agencies, SMEs, recruitment trends and tips.
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GESAD Personal Advisor CETT, Employment and Head Hunting Agency, was born from the need to interact and create empathy with the worker and the companies on a personalized level. We are specialized in the search for profiles and talents that delegate to us the process of being able to find the best candidates with the best profiles.

Likewise, we have the   staff placement and hiring service for companies, SMEs and the self-employed who need to expand the workforce or incorporate new workers due to the start of activity.

We have extensive experience in the selection of personnel, these services cover multiple sectors, in addition to a team of professionals, which is why we recommend them for any company, regardless of the sector.

Our extensive database allows us to cover vacancies urgently, and also when there is a large number of requests, whether for an event, an urgent distribution or any other situation that requires it. Special attention to our competitive rates. In addition to carrying out the recruitment process, we also take care of all the administrative tasks (registrations and cancellations in Social Security, payroll processing, ...) since for this we have qualified personnel for any problem that arises, you can count on them to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

In addition, our strong point is the job search service for individuals with personalized advice, CV creation, cover letter, inclusion of your profile in job portals on the Internet, personalized attention service where we take care of managing single mail for the client, exclusive telephone to manage their profile, and they only have to pay attention to our call to go to the job interviews, complete dedication on the part of our staff to achieve goals, in 2 weeks they already have the long-awaited job and that did not just arrive, while the client goes about his daily life, We take care of everything.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team of highly qualified professionals, always listening and identifying opportunities, where you come first and foremost, we are at  Sta. Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, our physical office, we work at a national level, that is, for all of Spain. with which, it is not necessary to go to our office, since from our website you can process and manage our employment portal.

Special attention for Companies, SMEs, freelancers and individuals, selection and placement of personnel, job search, job offers, staffing, hiring of personnel, personalized advice.

​Your success will be our greatest satisfaction to continue creating jobs.

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Sectors we serve
  • CV creation and management

  • CV update

  • Head hunter

  • Job search

  • Customer service

  • Work offers

  • Personal advice

  • Profile search

  • Talent search

  • Search for candidates

  • Collaborations with ETT

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